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Marokko 2025

3 - 14 Oktober 2025
Die Sahara woestyn, Atlas gebergtes, warm kleure en geure en ’n ryk geskiedenis. 

R39 900**

12 dae
3 - 14 Oktober 2025

Ons besoek stede soos Casablanca, Marrakech, Rabat & Fes, asook die betowerende bloustad Chefchaouen.

Een van die avonture is ’n 4x4 roete deur die woestyn, tot by ’n oase, waar ons die aand gaan spandeer in baie luukse Berber tente.  Met musiek en kos onder die sterre - alles ingesluit. 

Die volgende oggend verlaat ons die oase woestyn-kamp, op die rug van kamele.

Volledige toerprogram:

Day 1: Depart from SA


Day 2: Casablanca

After arriving at the airport of Casablanca you will receive a warm welcome to the country from our guide.

Transfer to the Hotel.

In the evening we will all dine together.

Day 3: Casablanca – Rabat - Chefchaouen

To start the tour we will go to one of the major wonders in Morocco: the Hassan II Mosque, the second highest mosque in the world, and a rare example of mosques that can be visited by non-Muslims. In the mosque, your guide will teach you about the religious traditions and rituals of the Muslim religion. In the words of the author of the bookMorocco Country Study Guide, the Hassan II Mosque "undeniably marks the continuity of a modernized ancestral art and bears the sign of innovations that are due not only to technical reasons but also to a fertile exploration of new aesthetic possibilities".

Then we will depart for Rabat, where you can enjoy its beautiful domes, minarets, wide avenues and green spaces.

Rabat is a city that grew up in the fourteenth and fifteenth century, with the expulsion of Andalusians from the Iberian Peninsula. It is surrounded by three walls corresponding to the most significant stages of its history: the Almohad wall, the Andalusian wall and the Alawite wall. Your guide will show you these walls and the main attractions of the city like the Hassan Tower, situated on top of an imposing mosque and the opulent tomb of Mohammed V, etc.

We will leave Rabat and head towards the blue city of Chefchaouen. To arrive at Chefchaouen is to dive into a labyrinth of that is unlike other Moroccan medinas, it has a perfect order and harmony. All roads lead to Hamman Square, where it is the largest mosque and meeting center of its inhabitants.


Day 4: Chefchaouen – Meknès – Fes

Explore the blue city of Chefchaouen - one of the most charming and emblematic of Morocco. With a calm Medina, nestling between the Rif mountains and the Middle Atlas, Chefchaouen is famous for its handicrafts and goat's cheese.

Suspended and anonymous among the mountains, the city is extraordinarily picturesque, ideal for those who like to explore a city with freedom and to take photos, and for those who find delight in details, in terms of culture or architecture. Enjoy the view over the city, with its soft and continuous shades bathed in light, from the top of a hill.

We will leave for Fes and on the way we take the opportunity to visit the imperial city of Meknes.

Sultan Moulay Ismail dreamed of making Meknes the most splendid of the cities of North Africa, hence its nickname of "Versailles of the Maghreb". Here we will visit the main points of interest. Nearby it is possible to do a wine tasting: a unique experience for the lovers of wine and impossible to repeat in any other part of Morocco.

We can visit the roman ruins of Volubilis, one of the best preserved roman sites of the world. For a long time, Volubilis was the principal roman administration center in the North Africa outside of Egipt.

Toward the end of the afternoon, we arrive in Fes, where we will still have time to see the city in its splendor, bathed in the soft light of the afternoon. We will take a short panoramic tour of the city.

Day 5: Fes

Spend the morning and part of the afternoon visiting medina de Fes, described by Paul Bowles as "an enchanted labyrinth protected from time”. You will be with a guide specifically dedicated to this city, so that you can discover it deeply: its corners, traditions, stories and history.

The labyrinthycal medina de Fes has more than 9000 streets, in a magical environment between light and shadow, and it is considered a World Heritage Site.

Fes was once the capital of Morocco, and has Fatimid,
Andalusian, Arabic and Jewish influences. The city has
reached its peak in the 13th century, becoming a centre of knowledge, having one of the world’s oldest universities.

You will be able to visit the most important palaces, the jewish quarters, the Madrassa (old school and university from the 13th century) and the coranic school. Furthermore, you will visit the authentic handicraft of Fes and its work of leathers. It is possible to buy fantastic leather products very cheaply and near the origin of production, where ancient methods are still used.

Day 6: Fes- Ifran – Ceder Forest -Ziz Valley

We will leave in the morning to visit the magical cedars’ forests of Azrou and Ifran where you will be delight with its spectacular native nature. The atmosphere is calm, clear and rich in nature’s scents. During our journey, it may be possible to see monkeys and other typical animals of these forests.

We will make a brief stop in Midelt, a small town between the High and the Middle Atlas, an exceptional location to watch the exuberant mountain landscape

Then we head towards the huge fertile Ziz Valley, one of the world's largest oasis, where we will stop to snack and nibble the dates grown here, unique in the world for their size and flavor.

You will be warmly received here, as only Moroccans can. Being a host is an ancient art with deep cultural roots in Morocco.

You can do different activities here, such as a Moroccan cuisine workshop with local products of the day that you can pick up yourself, stroll in the palm tree forest along the river to the old Ksares, participate in the manufacture of traditional Moroccan rugs, make Tattoos with henna, listen to and dance to the traditional Berber musics, take a photo-shoot of Berbers bride and groom clothes in this sublime landscape, etc.

In this genuinely calm environment, there is a sense of time being suspended. The peace of being in this palm grove is like being in the desert, but surrounded by a luxuriant and harmonious nature.

We spend the night in a Riad deep in the middle of this fertile and magical place.


Day 7: Ziz Valley – Erfoud –Rissani – Merzouga

Waking up in the Ziz Valley, surrounded by the luxuriant nature that inhabits here is a unique experience for all the senses. The singing of birds, the distant sound of animals, the touch of the morning breeze mixed with the smell of spices, make this place a paradise sheltered from time.

We will continue for Merzouga, passing also by the city of Erfoud and Rissani.

Near Erfoud there are excavations of fossils where today there
are several fossils of trilobites among other primitive species.
This allows the bottom times of the desert floor of the very
indented, already bottom of an ocean. Here you can also buy original fossils at very low prices.

Rissani is a city known for its very beautiful entrance gate, the traditional weekly market and souk with plentiful crafts. This souk is open every day but is much more lively on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Here we can try the traditional Berber pizza, a local specialty not to be missed.

During the afternoon you can do activities like "sandboard" or a "sandbath". Sandboarding is analogous to snowboarding, but in the desert dunes, while the "sandbath" is the process of getting buried in the desert sand, which, due to its thermical properties, is believed to be very healthy.

The colors of the late afternoon in the dunes are the delight for those who enjoy photography. You can also take joy in watching the sunset at the top of a dune.

At the end of the afternoon, departure for a camel ride through the dunes of Erg Chebbi, for about an hour, until reaching the Berber tent where you will spend the night. (if you prefer, you can access the tents in our 4x4 car that will be available). The colors of the dunes are the delight of those who love photography.

There, dinner will be served, followed by live traditional music around a campfire. This drum and guitar based song is engaging and irresistible. Then comes the impressive and magical absolute silence of the desert that invites you to interiority. The sky is clear and full of stars. It will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience!


Day 8: Merzouga - Todra Gorges – Dades Valley

After an unforgettable night in the desert, getting to know its culture, traditions and trade, you will leave for something completely different, the rocky landscape of the Gorges and the high Atlas and the green beauty of the Dades Valley.

You will have the unique opportunity to explore the gorges of Todra, towering rock cliffs that reach 600 meters in height, separated by only 10 m in width and that extend through several kilometers.

The day ends in peace, in the astonishing Dadès Valley, where you hear the sound of the birds in the green valley.

Day 9: Dadès Valley – Ait Benhaddou – Ouarzazate - Marrakech

We follow through the "Route of the One Thousand Kasbahs", until Kalaat Mgouna - The City of the Roses. We will also have the opportunity to visit the traditional villages of Skoura and 'El Kelaa des M'Gouna. A Kashbah is an ancient form of Castle, and even the word “Castle” has its origins in the word “Kashbah”.

After that, we will go to Ouarzazate and Ait Benhaddou, which are two locations of great historical and cultural relief in the Atlas, allowing us to feel as we have traveled in time to see the landscape and the lives of those who dedicated themselves to trade.

Ait Benhaddou is considered a World Heritage Place by UNESCO and it is the most important point in the "Route of the One Thousand Kasbahs", a route of small fortifications that would allow the defense of the caravans of trade on its route between the Sahara Desert and the city of Marrakesh. It is still inhabited and used as a set to movies as "Gladiator" and "Game of Thrones", among many others, to keep their identity and charisma intact.

In Ouarzazate you can discover the ancient wall, the fortification of Kasba Taouirt and the palace of the Pasha Glaoui. You can visit the movie studios of Ouarzazate, which are the most important in North Africa, that have been used in films such as the famous "Lawrence of Arabia" or "Gladiator".

At night, dine at the Jemaa el Fna Square, a market under open sky, where the mixture of scents, songs and shows are inebriating and where the most traditional and typical food can be tasted, without touristic prices. You can also have dinner in one restaurant with a beautiful view over the Jemaa el Fna Square.


Day 10: Marrakech

On this day, we will visit Marrakech, the pearl of the South, and the cosmopolitan centre of the country. The surprising architecture, the intense scent of spices, the colorful and exotic atmosphere, and the small corners and secrets of its history make this city the most desired and visited city of Morocco.

You will be accompanied by a touristic guide/historian exclusively dedicated to the Medina of Marrakech, so that you can enjoy the best the city has to offer.

The attractions are multiple, among which stand out:

Ben Youssef Medersa: This Islamic faculty from the
12th century was ordered by the sultan Ali ibn Yusuf of Morocco. Today it is a museum that can be visited. The interiors are wonderful, all decorated and its architecture is exquisite.

Koutoubia Mosque: Without any doubt this is the most famous and most photographed monument of Marrakech.The Koutoubia Mosque was built on the 12th century and was a model to the Seville’s Giralda and Hassan’s Tower in Rabat.

Bahia Palace: This incredible palace from the 19th century was extravagantly built to be the best of Marrakech. It has an enormous garden, a central courtyard and several rooms amazingly decorated with works from artisans that purposely came to Marrakech from Fez to work.

Palais Dar Bacha, or Musée de Confluences, a wonderful example of Arab architecture. They have a very special cafeteria, where you can taste coffees from all over the world, in a charming atmosphere.

Day 11: Marrakech - Casablanca

We will tour Marrakech outside the Medina with our guide, such as:

Majorelle Gardens: This is the only botanical garden in Marrakech. It was projected by Jacques Majorelle and it belongs to Yves Saint-Laurent and Bergé Pierre since 1980. Enjoy a walk surrounded by exotic plants from all over the world.

Yves Saint Laurent Museum, which has a permanent exhibition and also temporary exhibitions, with masterpieces of this famous creator. The building itself has charming modern architecture with traditional touches.

La Menara: This Marrakech garden is located 2 km from
Jemaa el-Fna Square and is a favorite spot for Marrakchis
for a Sunday afternoon walk. These gardens were built in
the 12th century, but the present construction dates back to the 16th century.

Free time to explore the famouse markets and souks. Transfer to Casablanca, for flight back to South Africa.


Day 12: Back in SA

Koste: R39 900 per persoon wat deel. (Enkelkamerprys – R46 950)


  • Vlugte

  • Alle Hotelle / Riads (Gratis Wifi)

  • Ontbyt daagliks

  • 2 ander etes 

  • Vervoer (lugversorgte voertuig)

  • Professionele Gids

  • Kameel Safari

  • 4x4 Woestynrit


Sodra jy die toervoorwaardes aanvaar het, betaal die deposito van R6 000 per persoon in om jou plek te verseker.

Toerprogram na Marokko:

Dag 1: Vertrek uit SA


Dag 2: Casablanca 

Arriveer in Casablanca en word vervoer na ons blyplek, met aandete saam . 


Dag 3: Casablanca - Rabat - Chefchaouen

Besoek die Hassan II Moskee. 

Vertrek via Rabat na Chefchaouen.

 Dag 4: Fes


Dag 5: Chefchaouen - Meknes - Fes 

Ontdek die bekende blou-stad Chefchaouen, voordat ons vertrek na Fes via Meknes


Dag 6: Fes - Ifran - Erfoud- Ziz Valle

Dag 7:

Ziz Vallei - Rissani Khamlia - Merzouga Woestyn

Die Middag kan jy kies tussen kamele of 4x4 voertuie deur die duine van die Sahara, tot by ’n oase, waar ons die aand slaap in luukse tente, met traditionele ete ingesluit.. 


Dag 8: Merzouga - Todra Gorges - Dades Vallei


Dag 9: ​Dades Vallei - Ait Benhaddou - Marrakech  


Dag 10: Marrakech


Dag 11: MarrakechCasablanca 

Vlug terug na SA.


Dag 12: Aankoms in SA

Vlug terug na SA​

Enkele, sinvolle aanpassings aan die reisprogram is moontlik.

Deposito van R6 000

Marius du Plooy

Skakel my by:
Cell: 083 787 1234

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- Toerleier van Europese toere en  Franse kanaalbootvaarte
- Twee jaar in Europa gebly as SABC-korrespondent
- SABC-toerleier van drie Atties jeugtoere
- Besoeke aan en ervaring van 23 lande

Let wel dat lugrederye en bote eers     finale pryse verskaf 10 tot 12 maande voor die vertrekdatum. Ons toerpryse is dus gebasseer op die vorige jaar se pryse plus ‘n verwagte verhoging. Dit mag dus aangepas word.
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