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Georgië & Turkye 2023
Turkoois Kusgebied

1 - 14 November 2023 
Ons splinternuwe toer sluit Georgië en ‘n heel ander deel van Turkye in as ons gewone Turkse toere. Die toer is ook 4 dae langer as ons standaard Turkse toere - daarom ook die prysverskil.

Georgië is meer as 600 jaar ouer as Suid-Afrika. Dit grens in die Noord-ooste van Turkye en het ‘n ongelooflike geskiedenis. Ons besoek eers en ervaar die hoofstad Tbilisi met al sy mooi, oud, nuut en andershede. Waarskuwing: Jou skaal gaan onvriendelik wees terug in Suid-Afrika… Die tradisionele kosse van Georgië is genoeg vir ‘n hele oormag, met groot verskeidenheid.

Georgie is ook die land waar die heel eerste wyn gemaak is….en hulle maak wyn op ‘n eeueoue manier in ondergrondse wynkruike. Ja, ons gaan dit sien en proe…en die proelokaal is nogal in ‘n 7,7 kilometerlange wyntonnel met ‘n interessante storie wat jy daar gaan hoor. En ons gaan sommer self leer om ‘n paar Georgiaanse disse te maak. 

Die Turkye-been van die toer is heeltemal anders as ons standaard Turkye-toere, want ons fokus hoofsaaklik op die Turkoois kusgebied….. Ons begin in Izmir en verder verby of in kusstede soos Bodrum, Marmaris en Fethiye, voordat ons eindig in Antalya. 

In die Fethiye-gebied vaar ons bv op in die Daljanrivier met ‘n tradisionele bootjie met ‘n kans op ‘n opsionele Turkse Modderbad. Ons ry verby (en stop by) die talle granaatsap en vrugtestalletjies tot by die Sakiklent Kanyon nasionale park en die ruines van die stad Tlos….wat terugdateer tot 3 duisend jaar voor Christus. 

Die laaste twee dae is in Istanbul, met ‘n dagtoer en ‘n vrye dag waar jy kan gaan verken wat en waar jy wil voor ons terugvlug na SA. 



2 NOVEMBER - Arrival in the Tbilisi airport - 2 November

02:00 pm – 05:00 pm - Tbilisi city tour 

05:00 pm – 06:30 pm - Transfer to the Hotel check in. Relax. 

06:30 pm – 07:00 pm - Transfer to the restaurant Tbilisi 

07:00 pm – 09:00 pm - Dinner at the restaurant 

09:00 pm – 09:30 pm - Transfer to the hotel 

Tbilisi city tour - Discover the best of Tbilisi on this walking tour that takes you to many of the city's most important landmarks, as well as some hidden gems that most travelers miss. Learn all about the history and culture of the Georgian capital as your guide takes you to such sites as Metekhi Church, the monumental Mother of Georgia statue, and the fortress of Narikala.


Holy Trinity Cathedral commonly known as Sameba, is the main cathedral of the Georgian Orthodox Church located in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. Constructed between 1995 and 2004, it is the third-tallest Eastern Orthodox cathedral in the world and one of the largest religious buildings in the world by total area. Sameba is a synthesis of traditional styles dominating the Georgian church architecture at various stages in history and has some Byzantine undertones.


Metekhi Cathedral Virgin Mary Metekhi church is located on the left bank of the river Mtkvari, on the cliff plateau. The first church on this place was probably built by Vakhtang Gorgasali, symbolically resembling the church built on virgin Mary’s tomb in Gethsemane Garden in Jerusalem. According to the legend, the former catholicos Kirion transferred the saint Shushanik to this church in the 7th century. 

15 minutes • Admission Ticket Free 

Monument of King Vakhtang Gorgasali of the Chosroid dynasty, was a king of Iberia, natively known as Kartli, in the second half of the 5th and first quarter of the 6th century. Dating Vakhtang's reign is problematic. With the alliance to the Byzantine Empire, he led his people into a lengthy struggle against Sasanian Iranian hegemony, which ended in Vakhtang's defeat and the weakening of the kingdom of Iberia. Tradition also ascribes his reorganization of the Georgian Orthodox Church and the foundation of Tbilisi, Georgia's modern capital. Ivane Javakhishvili assigns to Vakhtang's rule the dates c. 449–502, while Cyril Toumanoff suggests 447–522.


08:00 am – 10:00 am - Breakfast at the Hotel 

10:00 pm – 02:00 pm - Mtskheta tour 

02:00 pm – 03:00 pm - Transfer to the hotel. Free time 

07:30 pm – 08:00 pm - Transfer to the restaurant 

08:00 pm – 10:00 pm - Dinner at the restaurant Mravaljamieri 

10:00 pm – 10:00 pm - Transfer to the hotel 

Visit Mtskheta, one of oldest cities of Georgia near Tbilisi. Mtskheta was the capital of the early Georgian Kingdom of Iberia from the 3rd century BC to the 5th century AD. Here Georgians accepted Christianity in 317 and, today, Mtskheta remains the headquarters of the Georgian Orthodox and Apostolic Church. 

Experience Jvari Monastery, a Georgian Orthodox monastery of the 6th century near Mtskheta and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The name is translated as the "Monastery of Cross." The great church represents the peak of architectural typology. It is a true architectural masterpiece overlooking the confluence of Aragvi and Mtkvari rivers from the top of the hill. 

Next, Svetitskhoveli Cathedral. Built in the 11th century, the site itself is even older and dates back to the early 4th century. It differs in its artistic value, magnificence, harmony and the special role it has played in the history. The monument has an elongated cross which appears to touch the sky. It was the main pilgrimage place on the Silk Road, the burial place of Christ's robe and the tomb place of Georgian Kings. The cathedral is the second largest church building in Georgia and is listed as a UNSECO World Heritage Site along with other historical monuments of Mtskheta. 

Discover Samtavro Monastery complex, built in the 11th century. It contains the grave of Queen Nana and Mirian III and the King of Iberia, who established Christianity as an official religion in Georgia. 

Transfer to the hotel. Free time. Transfer to the dinner. 

Dinner at the restaurant Mravaljamieri 

Transfer to the hotel



08:00am – 09:00am Breakfast in the hotel 

09:00am – 05:00pm Kakheti wine region full day tour from Tbilisi with master classes, wine degustation.

Discover historic sites and scenery in Bodbe, Sighnaghi and Kvareli on a full-day tour from Tbilisi. Some of eastern Georgia’s most beautiful places are widely scattered across the rolling landscape - reaching all three towns without your own transport would be a challenge—but with a guide to take care of logistics you can focus on exploring a UNESCO- listed city, strolling a historic monastery, and taking in Georgia’s ‘City of Love.’ 

Tsinandali is a village in Kakheti, Georgia, situated in the district of Telavi, 79 km east of Tbilisi. It is noted for the palace and historic winery-estate which once belonged to the 19th- century aristocratic poet Alexander Chavchavadze and which, since 2019, is the venue for the Tsinandali Festival. 

Bodbe Monastery of St. Nino 

We go to Bodbe Nunnery. On the way to Bodbe, we stop at the viewpoint of Sighnaghi and  take amazing pictures. Bodbe Nunnery of St. Nino is located in Kakheti, 2 kilometers away from Sighnaghi. According to the legend, it is built on the burial place of Saint Nino. A saint for Georgians who converted their religion into Christianity. Georgian kings were paying great attention to the Bodbe Monastery. It has been repaired and restored many times. 

Sighnaghi is a town in Kakheti, 75 km east of Tbilisi. However, Georgia's smallest towns serve as a popular tourist destination due to their location at the heart of Georgia's wine- growing region, its picturesque landscapes, pastel houses with wooden fretwork balconies, and narrow cobblestone streets. The Great Wall of Georgia has stunning views for taking pictures, and the city is surrounded by it.

Tunnel Winery Khareba's 

Winery Khareba is the largest of Georgia’s wine cellars. There are perfect storage conditions for wine, 7,7 km of tunnels, and galleries maintain a constant temperature of 12-14 degrees 0C. You have a walking tour with a local guide where you’ll find out more information and details about wine and taste it. The complex has an excellent museum in the tunnel which you see during the tour. 

We’ll enjoy delicious lunch in the winery. Before we start our delicious lunch, we have a cooking masterclass of Khachapuri, Khinkali, Georgian bread and Churchkhela, next try many delicious Georgian dishes. Making your own Georgian dishes, drinking some good wine is a great experience that is a must to do while being in Georgia. 

Transfer and accommodation at the hotel in Tbilisi. Dinner at the restaurant.



After breakfast, transfer to Tbilisi airport for flight to Turkey - via Istanbul to Izmir and bus to Kusadasi (Dinner included) After arriving at Istanbul International Airport directly, proceed to domestic departures for your flight to Izmir. Meet at Kusadası Airport and transfer to your hotel. Your room key will be given to you and the rest of the day is yours to explore Kusadası. Overnight in Kusadası.


6 NOVEMBER  – Kusadası to Marmaris
(Breakfast included) After breakfast, at 10:00 am. we depart for Marmaris. After 2 hours drive, we will have a coffee break, after coffee break then continue to Marmaris. Upon arrival to Marmaris check in to your hotel and the rest of the day is at your leisure. Overnight in Marmaris.


7 NOVEMBER – Marmaris – Dalyan City Tour and Transfer to Fethiye
(Breakfast included) Pick up from your hotel and depart to beginning point of tour where boats are waiting. Sail down the Dalyan River and see the Rock Tombs which have reached today from Lycian Civilization. Some places  reveal the glory of history in a concrete way. When looking at magnificient Rock Tombs that have survived thousand of years up to now against the cruelty of time, bearing secrets and mystery of history to future, you can't take your thoughts of as if the rocks begin to talk. The tombs, shaped by delicately carving on rocks rising at an angle of 80 degrees at many points, are pushing the boundaries of the mind.


According to the archaeologists these tombs  are a sign of the richness and power of the ancient city of Caunos. The next stop will be Caunos Ancient City. The city according to a myth was founded in the 4th century B.C. by one of the twin children of Miletos, named Kaunos, at the Caria-Lycia border. The rock tombs, positioned towards the landscape, are what grab attention the most in Kaunos, which was a coastal city during the archaic age. There are tens of monumental rock tombs carved in rocks for kings and noblemen in Dalyan and its close vicinity. The next destination will be Iztuzu Beach. During the day people swim, walk, lie in the sun to the sound of the crumping waves but at night a barrier comes down and the beach is claimed back by nature, in particular by hundreds of loggerhead Caretta Caretta Sea Turtles, one of the oldest surviving species in the world, which lay their eggs there you may have the chance to see Caretta Caretta Sea Turtles.The last stop will be Mud Baths. We will have free time there about 1 hour. After the tour transfer to your hotel in Fethiye

8 NOVEMBER – Fethiye - Saklıkent Tour
(Breakfast included) Pick up your hotel in the morning and transfer to Saklıkent after 1 hour trip. Arrive at Saklıkent to explore hidden paradise. Saklıkent Canyon is 18 km long 300 meters high unique canyon. Saklikent gorge is the second longest gorge in Europe. You can walk for 1 hour or do rafting or do zipline. After the tour, transfer back to your hotel. 

9 NOVEMBER - Fethiye to Antalya
(Breakfast included) After breakfast, at 10:00 am. we depart for Antalya. After 2 hours drive, we will have a coffee break, after coffee break then continue to Antalya. Upon arrival to Antalya check in to your hotel and the rest of the day is at your leisure. Overnight in Antalya.


10 NOVEMBER - Antalya Old City Tour and Waterfalls

(Breakfast included) After breakfast, drive to Antalya Old City (Kaleiçi) where you will see Marina, Clock Tower, Hadrian's Gate, Broken Minaret and Hıdırlık Tower. Kaleici is a small historic part of Antalya’s modern city, also known as the Old City of Antalya. In history it was once the sprawling modern Roman town, then the Byzantine Empire, then Seljuks, and finally the Ottoman Turkish town. The Hadrian's Gate (or Hadrianus Gate or The Three Gates is a triumphal arch which was built in the name of the Roman emperor Hadrian. Antalya's broken wonder is the Broken Minaret of the Korkut Mosque, which itself was built originally as a Roman temple in the 2nd century AD, and thus did not have a minaret at all. Hıdırlık Tower is a landmark tower of tawny stone in Antalya, Turkey, where Kaleici meets

Karaalioglu Park. It believed to build in Hellenistic era on a square plan and later turned into circular tower in 2nd century AD and used as either a fortification or a lighthouse in the past. We have lunch in a Turkish restaurant than depart for Duden Waterfalls. All the streams of the region aim at finding their way into the Mediterranean and they pour down the slopes of the Taurus, sometimes overland sometimes underground and reaching their destination, result in lovely waterfalls, of which there are more than twenty. After tour come back to hotel and rest of day is yours. Overnight in Antalya.


11 NOVEMBER – Antalya to Istanbul
(Breakfast included) Today we depart for Antalya Airport for our domestic flight to Istanbul. Upon arrival transfer to your hotel. The rest of the day will be at your leisure. Overnight in Istanbul.  

12 NOVEMBER - Istanbul City Tour 

(Breakfast included) After breakfast, we have Istanbul City Tour. Our first visit will be HIPPODROME. Ancient Hippodrome was the scene of chariot races, with the three monuments; the Obelisk of Theodosius, the bronze Serpentine Column and the Column of Constantine. Than we will visit SULTANAHMET IMPERIAL MOSQUE. Across from Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque, it built in the 16th century by the architect Mehmet, is known as the BLUE MOSQUE because of its magnificent interior decoration of blue Iznik tiles. Our next visit will be HAGIA SOPHIA GRAND MOSQUE. The Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque, previously known as the Church of Divine Wisdom, is simply the best of its kind! Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque is the greatest surviving example of Byzantine Architecture. For 1000 years, it was once the largest church in the world, decorated with stunning 6th century golden mosaics. Today it is a mosque. After that visit TOPKAPI PALACE, the great palace of the Ottoman sultans from the 15th to the 19th centuries housing an exquisite collection of crystal, silver, and Chinese porcelain, robes worn by the sultans and their families, the famous jewels of the Imperial Treasury, miniatures, the Holy Mantle; enshrining relics of the Prophet Mohammed..  You will be taken to the ASIL EFENDI which is a unique atmosphere with reasonable prices for your shopping. Here you will find; Exotic Spices and Herbs, Turkish Baklava, Turkish Delights, Turkish Coffee, nuts and fruits, small souvenirs such as Ceramic Handicrafts, Evil Eyes totems, all naturel olive oil, soaps and many other goods in Souvenir Shops and stores. After the tour transfer back to your hotel. Overnight in Istanbul..


13 NOVEMBER - Istanbul – Last day of Tour
(Breakfast included) After breakfast, we check out from the hotel, leave the luggage there. The rest of the day you have free time in Istanbul. Perfect time to visit the Grand Bazaar and Spice Market. At 19.00 the bus will transfer you from the hotel to Istanbul International Airport. 


R45 700

1 - 14 November 2023

Koste: R45 700 per persoon wat deel. (Enkelkamerprys – R49 950)

Die deposito van R5000 per persoon moet in die onderstaande bankrekening inbetaal word om jou plek te verseker en daarmee aanvaar jy terselfdertyd die toervoorwaardes. 


Marius du Plooy Toere, Absa tjek, rekening 4059839026, Takkode 632005. Verskaf asb jou VAN en NAAM VAN DIE TOER as verwysing.

Ingesluit: 2 Internasionale en 1 interne vlug, busvervoer, verblyf in 4 en 5-sterhotelle, toegang soos aangedui, alle ontbyte, 7 ander etes (sien program), gidse in Georgië en 4 plekke in Turkye, hotelbelastings.

Uitgesluit: Versekering, Turkse (gratis) toegangsvisum, eie eet- en drinkgoed en alles wat nie op die program aangedui word nie.  Waar nodig is sinvolle aanpassings aan die program moontlik.  


1 November:

Vertrek uit SA.

2 November:

Aankoms Tbilisi, tasse na Tbilisi-hotel en kort gidstoer. Inboek in hotel en 18.00 aandete

3 November:

Halfdagtoer met gids. Halfdag vrye tyd in Tbilisi. Aandete

4 November:

Besoek wyngebied, middagete, wynproe met “master class” in sekere Georgiaanse disse. Slaap Tbilisi. + Aandete.

5 November:

Na ontbyt – bus na Tbilisi lughawe Vlug via Istanbul na Izmir en bus na en slaap Kusadasi. Aandete.

6 November:

Ontbyt en bus van Kusadasi na en slaap in Marmaris. Aandete.

7 November:

Ontbyt. Marmaris na Dalyan met tradisionele boot op die Dalyan river. Slaap in Fethiye

8 November:

Ontbyt dan Saklikent Canyon toer. Slaap in Fethiye. Aandete

9 November:

Ontbyt + Bus na en slaap in Antalya

10 November:

Ontbyt. Antalya “old city tour”. Slaap Antalya

11 November:

Ontbyt. Vlug van Antalya na Istanbul

12 November:

Ontbyt. Istanbul stadstoer. Aandete

13 November:

Ontbyt. Los bagasie by hotel. Geniet die laaste dag se vrye tyd in Istanbul. 19.00 terug by hotel vir ons bus na lughawe. (Vlug vertrek eers na middernag na SA)

14 November:

Vlug na SA en aankoms dieselfde dag.


Enkele, sinvolle aanpassings aan die reisprogram is moontlik.

Deposito van R5 000
14 dae
Screen Shot 2021-04-23 at 10.56.54.png

Marius du Plooy

Skakel my by:
Cell: 083 787 1234

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